Classic Draught Apple

Classic Draught Apple

Hunter Valley, NSW

Clean and fruity

$6 each

Cider Details


Hunter Valley







Alcohol Volume


Tasting Notes

The clarified juice is fermented to just above dryness to leave a juicy apple character on the finished product.


A blend of Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious and Gala apples are juiced to give a fruity but crisp acid Juice.


Straw coloured.


First impressions of this are clean and fruity but slightly subdued. The aroma has hints of baked apple which blend with the crispy apple skin notes.


The palate has a mouth coating depth of flavour. There is a blend of fruit and acid to make this a satisfying drink and a clean acid punch at the end to make you want another sip. The sugar level is relatively low so it won’t tire the palate too quickly. Not too sweet not too dry, true to the Draught Cider style.

Food Matches

One for traditional Cider drinkers. Great by itself, great before a meal with some nibbles or at the end with some cheese and biscuits.

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